General Contractor

Deliver on time and on budget using Viewpoint For Projects.

Contractors are under constant pressure to deliver on time and within budget. It’s essential to protect the client's build success while ensuring your own ROI and bottom line remain strong. Viewpoint For Projects is designed to help contractors deliver more for less.

Save time, money and resources whilst mitigating risk. Deliver contracts on time and within budget. Viewpoint For Projects helps contractors with:

  • Collaborative project control
  • Supply chain management
  • Effective bid management
  • Drawing and information management
  • Managing handover (of documents) from contractor to the client
  • Keeping BIM and Cobie simple and understandable
  • Improving communication

Building Contractor

Perhaps you are putting together a bid for winning a new contract. Maybe you need to manage the design development process of a project involving a large and disparate design team. Or, maybe you're managing a team of subcontractors through the onsite delivery phase. Whatever you are doing as a builder, Viewpoint For Projects' unique collaboration software toolset helps you improve your efficiency on any type of contract.

  • Coordinate bid preparation for new tenders.
  • Collaborate effectively with design teams.
  • Maintain all documents and communication in one secure but easy to access location.
  • Automate processes and workflows.
  • Manager tenders for sub-contract work.
  • Manage and coordinate sub-contractors.
  • Monitor and control KPIs, milestones and costs.
  • Maintain a clear audit trail and ensure compliance.
  • Deliver on time and on budget.
  • Facilitate IPD and BIM projects.
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In an age of austerity, it has never been more important to deliver on time and within budget. Our SaaS collaboration solution is designed to enhance the delivery of BIM & IPD on transport and infrastructure projects and our knowledge and experience in this sector is unparalleled.

Viewpoint helps clients, key stakeholders and delivery partners to work together more effectively to deliver integrated transportation and infrastructure sector projects using our construction extranet including:

  • Rail
  • Airports
  • Roads

Client organisations use Viewpoint For Projects collaboration software to control their portfolios of potential development schemes, keeping all information and communication in one place and delivering seamless BIM & IPD. Our construction extranet collaboration software can be used from pre-feasibility right through the construction process facilitating BIM & IPD.

As a project receives approval to progress the client organisation can seamlessly start to work with the third party organisations and stakeholders responsible for scheme delivery. This same process can be extended to manage large maintenance and support programmes following successful delivery of the project.

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Secure Online Collaboration for Contractors

Secure Online Collaboration for Contractors

Viewpoint For Projects is a collaborative project management solution contractors use to improve communications, workflow, mobility, and decision-making. Designed to connect people, information, and processes, Viewpoint For Projects can help you save time and money, improve control, and reduce risk. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the solution for contractors along with a detailed list of construction projects utilizing the software.

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