Viewpoint For Projects is designed for the specific needs of project clients.

Viewpoint knows the complexities involved for clients involved with managing and staying informed on large scale projects – particularly when there are several running simultaneously. Whether you are a project owner, the person in charge of a particular facility or you're managing a government project, Viewpoint gives you the power to take control of projects by improving communication, staying informed and ensuring costs are kept low.

Whether you are in the Public, Private or Energy sectors, Viewpoint For Projects has features and functionality specific to your industry. Coordinating the work of all parties plus the high volume of drawings, documents, emails, contracts, and specifications that clients must be a part of along with tight schedules requires effective collaboration - Viewpoint For Projects is the perfect collaboration solution for providing peace-of-mind for clients that things are progressing as planned throughout the project lifecycle. Viewpoint For Projects helps with:

  • Portfolio management and decision making
  • Collaborative procurement and selecting the right contractors
  • Managing handover (of documents) from contractor to the client
  • Asset maintenance
  • Full lifecycle project control
  • Keeping BIM and COBie simple and understandable

Public Sector

The public sector has specific collaboration needs when it comes to complex government projects. Unique stakeholders, requirements and security measures call for a collaboration solution that understands these special needs.

Viewpoint For Projects provides the only security accredited (CESG) SAAS web collaboration solution in the UK. We enable public sector clients to manage their full construction project lifecycle from feasibility to asset by working more effectively with their internal departments and external supply chain.

In the current climate and with austerity measures in place across many global economies; it is more important than ever to ensure local and central government departments get 'more for less'. Cost savings must be found whilst protecting front line services. Viewpoint For Projects collaboration software assists with all your BIM & IPD needs.

Our SaaS collaboration software solution is an ideal platform for local and central government departments to manage and deliver projects, programmes or an entire department's activity including BIM & IPD. With no specific or costly IT infrastructure, our collaboration software solution is quickly deployed, requiring only access to the internet. Outsourcing within government operations is increasingly commonplace which makes collaborating securely with these disparate teams and suppliers more difficult.

  • Manage capital assets in an effective and efficient way
  • Collaborate securely with external suppliers
  • Demonstrate compliance and maintain an audit trail
  • Streamline tendering and bidding processes
  • Streamline and automate administrative processes
  • Maintain a library of records in one central, easy to access place
  • A single, secure collaborative environment with a full audit trail.

Viewpoint's unique collaborative solution has been used worldwide on some of the most demanding government projects. It is specifically designed to help save money, time and resources whilst delivering better communication among all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

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Private Sector

Owners & Owner Operators - Viewpoint understands the processes and pressures owners and owner-operators face every day. Whether you have to manage just one project or process or you need to manage your entire portfolio involving thousands of individuals – there will be issues and challenges controlling and managing information, communication and processes throughout the entire project (and asset) lifecycle.

Viewpoint For Projects software enables you to take control, lead or delegate - even on BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects. Experience complete confidence that all information for your particular project or process is safe and has been fully documented.

  • Improved administration, communication, management and decision making.
  • Reduce costs, management time and risk.
  • Increase efficiency and adoption of best practice throughout your asset lifecycle.
  • Automate and control key management processes.
  • A searchable, auditable asset library in one easy to share secure location.

Viewpoint's unique collaborative solution has been used worldwide on some of the most demanding government projects. It is specifically designed to help save money, time and resources whilst delivering better communication among all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

Facility Managers

Facilities and Asset Managers are playing an increasingly important role in the success of capital portfolio development and management as well as assisting in the design and operation of new assets. With responsibility for the operation, repair and maintenance of existing built assets, Viewpoint For Projects provides Facility Managers the ability to monitor and manage project workflows including schedules and tasks.

Viewpoint's unique collaborative solution is designed to help save money, time and resource whilst delivering an improved management service. Experience complete confidence that all information for your recently built project or existing built asset is safe and a complete audit trail has been established.

  • Full asset data hub including standards and H&S library.
  • Automate standard workflows and processes.
  • Improved efficiency and service delivery.
  • Manage the allocation of tasks, repairs and scheduled maintenance.
  • Create, manage and monitor schedules and milestones.
  • Geotag your assets for a unique visual view of key asset data.
  • Complete audit trail.
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Energy Sector

With no software to install and no need to connect into stakeholder internal IT networks; Viewpoint For Projects is a simple solution to problems associated with cross-organisational or geographically dispersed collaboration. Our integrated collaboration software can be applied from inception to decommissioning and offers so much more than document control.

Pre-feasibility – Feasibility – FEED – EPC – O&M – Decommissioning

Our clients achieve greater visibility across the project or organisation and are able to address issues when they arise. This ensures a greater degree of control over project activity whatever your energy sector.

Effective and efficient collaboration using Viewpoint For Projects has been shown to offer major benefits to clients and contractors operating in the capital intensive asset delivery processes of the energy sector. We work with some of the largest names in the sector delivering benefits which include:

  • Simplifying and automating the project process.
  • Improving the flow of information.
  • Mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.
  • Reducing man-hours letting staff concentrate on what they do best.
  • Delivering a substantial return on investment.
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Secure Online Collaboration for Clients/Owners

Secure Online Collaboration for Clients/Owners

Viewpoint For Projects is a collaborative project management solution clients and owners use to improve communications, workflow, mobility, and decision-making. Designed to connect people, information, and processes, Viewpoint For Projects can help you save time and money, improve control, and reduce risk. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the solution for clients and owners along with a detailed list of construction projects utilizing the software.

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