Benefits of Viewpoint For Project Collaboration: Energy and Resources

Viewpoint for Projects can help to manage any or all stages of an energy or resource project or, indeed, manage the asset following completion. With a flexible security model, our system allows you to give contractors administration rights over their own areas of a project, while keeping your own documentation private and secure. Further, large and complex projects can be broken up into Sites or Regions, or even into sub-projects, to make managing and locating important information as easy as possible.

Effective and efficient collaboration using Viewpoint For Projects has been shown to offer major benefits to clients and contractors operating in the capital-intensive asset delivery processes of the energy and resource sector.

Benefits include:

  • Simplifying and automating the project process.
  • Improving the flow of information.
  • Mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.
  • Reducing man-hours letting staff concentrate on what they do best.
  • Delivering a substantial return on investment.