Project Collaboration Software Benefits for Contractors

As a contractor you are under constant pressure to deliver on time and within budget. You need to protect not only your client's project success but ensure your own ROI and bottom line. Viewpoint For Projects software can help you deliver more for less.

Whether you are putting together a bid to win a new contract, looking to manage the design development process of a project involving a large and disparate design team, or are looking to manage a team of subcontractors through the onsite delivery phase, Viewpoint For Projects will help you to improve your efficiency on any type of project.

Viewpoint For Projects enables you to:

  • Coordinate bid preparation for new tenders.
  • Collaborate effectively with design teams.
  • Maintain all documents and communication in one secure but easy to access location.
  • Monitor and control KPIs, milestones and costs.
  • Maintain a clear audit trail and ensure compliance.
  • Deliver on time and on budget.
  • Facilitate IPD and BIM projects.