Benefits of Viewpoint Field View

Easily capture, share, and report data from the field to the back office.

Operations dashboards enable analysis of field data, across projects for actionable insight and reporting.

Templates enable consistent deployment of field processes for visibility and control.

Project Delivery/Construction

Consistent and accurate data capture and universal file access and editing tools puts you in control. Gain real-time visibility into projects, track inventory, and more.

Screenshot of Viewpoint for Field View
Screenshot of Viewpoint for Field View - Closeout and Commissioning


Just because a project looks finished doesn’t mean it is. Get in front of closeout with software that provides comprehensive reporting and compliance protocols.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Get total visibility on quality control and assurance at your site with daily logs, inspection test plans/logs, punch lists, and access to standards, procedures, and policies.

Screenshot of Viewpoint for Field View - Quality Assurance and Control
Screenshot of Viewpoint for Field View - Safety Issues

Health and safety

Don’t leave health and safety to chance. Increase safety compliance, manage permits, generate safety check lists and much more to reduce incidents on the job.

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Mobile: Managing the Data Challenge

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“We’re saving £750 to £1,000 per day– so over a 51 week construction period this really adds up to a significant savings.”

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